1  How to open the user manager

2  How to create users

3  How to create user groups

4  How to add users to a group

5  How to deactivate users

6  How to delete users


How to open the user manager

You can open the "User manager" by clicking the spanner button in the top right hand corner of the R2 Docuo desktop application.

The user manager will only appear when you login to R2 Docuo with an administrator's account.

The R2 Docuo user manager is split into two parts, create users and create groups.

The top part displays user groups. By default, all repositories have the groups "Administrators" and "All users". The bottom part shows the list of created users.

At the bottom there are details of users hired, active and available.


How to create users

Clicking the "New user"  button in the user manager window will open another window where you can register a new user in R2 Docuo.

To create a new user you have to fill out all the fields requested in the "User data" field group:


This is the email address that is associated to the user and to which all notification or password recovery emails will be sent.


The password is established by the administrator when creating the user. The administrator must provide this password to the user so that the user can login to R2 Docuo.

If necessary you can ask the user to change the password at the first login session by checking the box "User must change password at next login".

Passwords are saved in encrypted form so when you save the data the password will appear with an unlimited number of digits. The value of the password will not vary and will remain the same as when the user was created.


The value defined in this field is the data that the user will need to enter when asked for the user name in the login window.

Full name

This is the full name of the user which will appear when the user makes changes in R2 Docuo.


The selected language will be the language in which the desktop application and web portal will appear.

Access data

From the "Access data" section, additional security settings may be configured for each user:

Deactivated account

If this option is checked, the user account will be disabled, a deactivated user still counts as an user for license purposes, but access to R2 Docuo will be disabled through all meanings.

User cannot change password

This option prevents the user from changing the password by themselves.

If this option is checked, only an Administrator will be able to change this user password.

User must change password at next login

If this option is checked, the user will be forced to change his or her password the next time he successfully log into R2 Docuo. Once the user has changed his password, this option will be automatically unchecked.

Password never expires

Users with this option checked, will ignore password policy settings for expiration..

Logout on exit

If this option is checked, the "stay logged in" feature in the login screen will be disabled for this user. The user will be forced to enter his or her credentials at each login.  


How to create user groups

Clicking "New group" will open the window where you can create new user groups. Groups allow you to associate various users according to their profile. They are very useful when it comes to applying security settings to folders and categories.

To create a user group enter the name of the group and save.


How to add users to a group

Once you have created the user group, you can use the "Assign users to group" button and select the users who will belong to the group.

All users assigned to "Administrators"  will have their profile changed and will be able to create folders, categories and users, and to change permissions.

Click OK to save the users assigned to the group. The group details will display assigned users.


How to deactivate users

You can deactivate users by checking the "Deactivated account" box in the user details window.

Deactivated users can no longer login to R2 Docuo.

When you deactivate a user, the user will appear under the "Deactivated users" folder and the user icon will be gray.

Deactivated  users continue to count as a license even though they are deactivated. To free up license space you will need to delete them.


How to delete users

Until users are deleted they continue to count as a license in use.

To delete a user you will need to select them and click "Delete" on the button bar.

A dialog box will pop up to confirm whether you want to delete the user.

Once you click OK, the user will be definitively deleted.